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GB Fish & Chips stands tall in soccer splendor

Patrons love the atmosphere at GB Fish & Chips. Enjoying the England-Italy match in the Euro 2012 quarterfinals are, from left, Anthony Martin, Richard Thompson, Cooper Watkins and Simon Watkins. (Photo by Chris Casey)

EDITOR'S NOTE: With Euro 2012 reaching its crescendo and MLS nearing midseason, now is a fine time to pull up a barstool, order a cold one and enjoy soccer on the tube. To get you primed, Burgundy Wave continues its series of reviews of Colorado's best soccer pubs. Do you have a favorite place to watch footy? Suggest it for a review in the comments!

SHERIDAN & 22ND AVE. -- It's undeniable that a genuine football culture, heavy on Eng...

GB Fish and Chips

I used to be afraid of going into new places. And not just regular afraid. This was real terror — the kind of knee-knocking, heavy-breathing, anxiety-ridden fear that some people (like me) feel when forced to go to the dentist and others (unlike me) would experience if, through some unfathomable chain of events, they had to walk into the... More >>>

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Alex Stokeld fishes for compliments at GB Fish & Chips.

Eat Cheap... GB Fish and Chips

The best fish and chips this side of London.

While studying abroad in Scotland, I picked up an appreciation of good whisky (no "e"), cozy pubs, hot tea, and the local chippy. A chippy, for the uninitiated, is a fish and chips joint—a small, neighborhood spot that specializes in fried food for lunch, dinner, post-bar, and post-hangover. In the United Kingdom, they outnumber McDonald's by about seven to one.

Stateside, it's easy to find good whisky and pubs and tea. But locating a good basket of fish and chips—let alone a proper chippy—is nearly impossible. Denverites should consider themselves lucky to have GB Fish and Chips on South Broadway.

Alex Stokeld, a Denver kid with a...