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Fry me to the moon: GB Fish and Chips takes over the Deluxe Burger space on East Colfax


When Deluxe Burger, Dylan Moore's shrine to beef in a bun, shuttered a few months ago, several local chefs and restaurateurs eyed the East Colfax quarters, located directly next door to Mod Livin', the retro furniture store owned by Jill Warner, who's also the landlord of the restaurant space. But it was Alex Stokeld, who owns the original GB Fish and Chips on South Broadway and a second location in Edgewater, who snapped it up, and in February, he'll make it a trifecta, when he unleashes his third GB fish & Chips at 5325 East Colfax.


"When I opened the first GB Fish and Chips, I wanted a location on East Colfax but couldn't find one, and I looked again when I opened the second location, but the third time was a charm," says Stokeld, adding, too, that he was "a Colfax kid growing up."

The dining room, while smaller than the other two, will trumpet the same theme: fried fish, picnic tables and soccer on the telly, although Stokeld is also toying with the idea of adding a rock-and-roll motif, thanks to a friend of his, who, he says, "owns some very cool music stuff."

"The space will definitely be more like the Broadway location, mainly because it's small, but we'll still have lots of televisions so fans can watch the soccer games, possibly some awesome music stuff, and hopefully people will like it as much as they do the other locations," says Stokeld. "I feel really good about this neighborhood, and it's a neighborhood that's receptive to good food, which is important," he adds, noting, too, that the demographics are nearly identical to the Broadway location.

And while the fried fish theme will continue to dominate the menu, Stokeld says that he's beginning to focus on British meat pies. "We like little meat pies around here, and the goal is to do a beef-and-onion pie, a chicken-and-mushroom pie and a pork pie, which we already have on the other menus," he says.

Stokeld is pushing for an Ash Wednesday opening, but if can't make that date, he promises to have the doors unlocked by mid-February.