Colfax Jack Interview

dk6gjv3x.bmpGB Fish and Chips just opened their third location which is on East Colfax in the Park Hill neighborhood. In the five years since their first store opened on South Broadway, they have earned a reputation for having the best fish and chips in Denver. I talked to owner Alex Stokeld about the new Colfax location and what makes their food stand out.
1) First of all, could you give me a brief history of GB Fish and Chips?
I started GB in May, 2007. My dad is English and my brothers and I spent alot of time there visiting my dad's family.  I fell in love with fish and chips and dreamed of a proper chippie in Denver. 
2) What distinguishes GBs from other restaurants that serve fish and chips?
The main difference is that we have a kitchen dedicated to cooking fish & chips. We don't put our fish in the same fryer that we put jalapeño poppers in. However, we also offer really good English meat pies.
3) What are some of your other popular menu items?
The bangers are amazing. My dad has been making the bangers for 40 years. We serve ours with mash potatoes and caramelized onions. Our meat pies (including pork, beef & onion, chicken mushroom) are starting to really take off as well.
4) Your two other stores have opened in burgeoning areas on South Broadway and Sloans Lake. Now you have a third restaurant in another up-and-coming area along East Colfax. What has been your game plan when scouting for new neighborhoods to open in?
To be honest I've always wanted to be on Colfax since before the first shop. Broadway and east Colfax are streets and areas I know very well. They have a lot of character and are flanked by great neighborhoods. 
5) The third GB Fish and Chips is on a stretch of East Colfax that borders some great neighborhoods like Park Hill, Mayfair and Bellevue-Hale. Stapleton and Lowry are also close by. Did this play a role in your decision to open here?
Park hill and Mayfair are fantastic neighborhoods. The demographics of both are similar to Platte Park and Wash Park where I grew up and are the neighborhoods that support the broadway location. In high school, most of my friends lived in Mayfair or Park Hill, so I spent a ton of time in both. So I feel very comfortable being here.
6) GB3 is attached to the furniture store Mod Livin'. What attracted you to this space and what are some of the benefits and challenges of it?
I've known Jill from Modlivin for a while and when I heard the space was available I jumped on it. When you sit at the bar facing the shop it's like moving art.
7) Will there be any unique features or menu items at the Colfax location?
I'm thinking about offering milkshakes. Deluxe burger left their shaker in the space so might as well make use of it.
8) Finally, you have a menu that seems to go well with beer. Will you be serving alcohol at the Colfax location?
We're planning on it. The hearing is set for Feb 27.