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Take Back Your Lunch with GB Fish & Chips

Do you ever struggle to enjoy a decent lunch and relax during a busy workday?

Perhaps almost every American can answer in the affirmative to this problem (at least sometimes). That’s why we’re here to help you counter this issue, take back that essential midday lunch break, and restore your productivity.

How does all that work? We’ll show why this matters, and how you can solve those afternoon energy slips with the help of GB Fish & Chips.

National Take Back the Lunch Day – June 16th

June 16h is National Take Back the Lunch Day, a terrific idea for anybody who suffers the temptation to skip this cornerstone meal. This was the innovation of the professional hygiene company, Tork, in an effort to stem the tide of “workaholism.”

It may not surprise many working pros, but we sometimes get caught in the proverbial hamster wheel of work, and fail to take adequate breaks. Tork published research on this problem, and found that most workers take less than half an hour to eat, despite 90% of respondents acknowledging lunch as essential. That same research showed significant productivity differences between those who did or did not stop to eat each day.

So, since 2018, we’ve had National Take Back the Lunch Day, a reminder of why we should never disregard proper nutrition. This is one of the easiest commemorations to celebrate because all you have to do is . . . EAT LUNCH!

With that in mind, there’s no better way to do so than to join us for fish and chips.

Take Back Your Lunch with GB Fish & Chips in Denver

There are two ways to take back your lunch with the help of GB Fish & Chips:

In Person with Enjoy Our Terrific Seafood Menu – Fish is a wonderful food for improving cognition, providing energy, and overall healthy living. We serve only the best varieties of cod, tilapia, oysters, squid, scallops, and more – all battered to perfection.

Hire us to Cater Lunch at Your Workplace – Are you a business supervisor or manager, and would like to bolster team morale and productivity? You can hire us to cater lunch for your business and get everybody back in good spirits. This could be as a once-a-month treat, annual business event, or even part of an employee recognition ceremony.

We hope this shows you why it’s so important to not take lunch for granted. GB Fish & Chips keeps generous hours at four locations, making us a terrific option for lunch, dinner, or anything in between the two. That’s one reason we receive stellar testimonials (over 1,000 on Google Reviews) from countless past patrons.

Contact us anytime to learn more about our menu, the GB Marketplace, catering, or anything else we offer.

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