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Shop Local at the Park Meadows Holiday Market!

Did you know about the Park Meadows Holiday Market event happening in December?

It’s an outdoor holiday market at Colorado’s largest mall area, in beautiful Lone Tree, CO. This is a first-time-ever event where you can shop and check out dozens of local vendors, and we’ll be there for a couple weekends, too!

This takes place in late-November through Christmas Eve, so there’s plenty of time to get ready. Here’s a quick synopsis of the Park Meadows Holiday Market, and what we’re cooking up for it.

Park Meadows Holiday Market

The Park Meadows Mall will host at least 45 local businesses from an array of different sectors for five weekends in a row (November 24 through December 24). It lasts from 2pm to 8pm each Friday, noon to 8pm each Saturday, and noon to 7pm on Sundays. Admission is free for everyone, and very family friendly.

The event theme involves art, architecture, and other aspects of Colorado living. Some venues and participants include GB Bangers & Pie (that’s us), BadBoyBoads, Elevated Elderberry, Cosmic Rocks, Sojourn Well, Weirdo Coffee, The Vela Ranch, and other local artists/venues.

GB Fish and Chips gift cards

Visit GB Bangers & Pie – First and Second Weekend of December!

What are we bringing to this fun outdoor mall event?

This will be your chance to bulk buy some of our favorite English foods and select merchandise. We’ll have plenty of frozen meat pies, pasties, GB Fish & Chips t-shirts, and gift cards.

When will we be at the Park Meadows Holiday Market?

  • 12/1 (Friday) → 2pm to 8 pm
  • 12/2 (Saturday) → Noon to 8pm
  • 12/3 (Sunday) → Noon to 7pm
  • 12/8 → 2pm to 8pm
  • 12/9 → Noon to 8pm
  • 12/10 → Noon to 7pm

It should be a lot of fun, and not too cold outside, hopefully. This is your chance to shop for Christmas presents, which could include gift cards for food at one of our four locations.

In the Meantime, Hire us For Holiday Catering

We’re also available to bring all the fun to your venue of choice. Yes, through our catering services, we can make your next party even more memorable with all those aforementioned meat pies, deep-battered seafood, drinks, and other fantastic items. There are plenty of ways we do this, with different service levels, so don’t hesitate to call us to learn more.

GB Fish & Chips can’t wait to bring authentic English meat pies and other culinary delights to the Park Meadows Holiday Market this December. We look forward to seeing you there as well. Contact us anytime to learn more about fish & chips, meat pies, catering, or anything else we do.

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