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Let Your Next Event “Get Battered”

Everything’s better when it’s battered. By that, we mean it’s time to bring some battered and deep fried seafood to your next lunch or dinner.

Better yet (or “batter yet”), why not throw a whole party, invite all your friends, and dig into some fish & chips, bangers, shepherd’s pie, and more. Here’s a quick reminder of why it’s a terrific idea to leverage our catering services the next time you host a major event in Denver.

Gb Fish & Chips

Best Events for “Getting Battered” With Us

  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings & Anniversaries
  • Business Luncheons
  • Family Reunions
  • Football Tailgate Parties
  • Any other meal with your family and loved ones

So, if you’re tired of generic fast-food takeout, but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive catering services, here’s how to strike the sweet medium ground with deep-fried fish. That’s what our prompt and effective catering system offers.

Deep-Fried Fish Selections from GB Fish & Chips

GB Fish & Chips offers a lofty variety of seafood items, available as either appetizers or entrees. Many of our patrons begin with traditional favorites, like Clam Chowda and Fried Oysters, before feasting on one of four fish items.

  1. Alaska Cod
  2. Pollock
  3. Tilapia
  4. Prawns (Shrimp)

Our secret to success comes from taking these fresh seafood sources and frying them in our signature batter. There are several ways to mix and match menu items to cater for as large of a group as possible. One popular example would be our 2 Alaskan Cod & Chips selection, where you get fish, chips, a drink, and tartar sauce for $16.50 per person.

We do catering several ways, ranging from simple delivery to cooking and preparing everything at your location. It’s also possible to buy out one of our restaurants for a major event with dozens of people.

Other Terrific Menu Items & Bartending Options

This only scratches the surface of our menu variety. Even if some of your friends or colleagues aren’t big seafood enthusiasts, they might fancy some Shepherd’s Pie, other meat pies, or Mini Pasties. You can even hire a bartender (for $250) and cater with several cocktail, wine, and beer options.

Those are the basics of hiring the best catering crew (for authentic English cuisine) in Denver, your friends at GB Fish & Chips. We operate four local restaurants, providing our patrons with plenty of ways to enjoy deep-fried fish in person, to-go, or for any catered event.

Contact us at a location near you to learn more about all our services and menu items.

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