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Get Battered at GB Fish & Chips

Do you need your fix of fish and chips made from fresh sources and battered to crispy perfection?

Of course, we’ve met no sane person who wouldn’t. Plus, it’s nice when you can find authentic seafood and other outstanding English foods any day of the week.

That’s our entire mission at GB Fish & Chips, the Denver area’s top spot for fish and chips and famous favorites like Shepherd’s Pie. Allow us to introduce ourselves (at least in blog form), and show you why you should visit one of our four fantastic locations.

5 Superb Reasons to Get Battered at GB Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips (Obviously)
Our love for fish and chips has its roots all the way back to the old days in Brighton or Whitby, England. On that side of the pond, there’s no shortage of English restaurants specializing in it.

For our part, you can try no less than seven seafood varieties – all battered and deep-fried to order. You can do this with cod, tilapia, pollock, oysters, squid, scallops, prawns, or any combination thereof. This is a stark contrast with other places where ordering fish and chips means . . . getting whatever they happen to have. GB Fish & Chips believes in offering the fullest range of fresh-caught variety.

Fantastic Menu Options
Even if fish isn’t really your thing, then perhaps we can interest you in a meat pie, clam chowder, pasties, or bangers (English pork sausage). These come as either À la carte items or part of a meal off our English food menu. We even have family packs and opportunities to buy in bulk with frozen packs.

Open Anytime
You can stop by for a bite to eat with us any day of the week. We start frying for lunch at 11 a.m. and remain open until 9 p.m., except on Fridays and Saturdays, where you can hang out here until 10.

Great Reviews
GB Fish & Chips now has over 1,300 reviews for an aggregate score of 4.5 stars on our Google Profile. If you’ve ever been in the restaurant business, you know how hard it is to maintain such a high image.

You can also rely on us to cater your next birthday party, family reunion, business luncheon, or any other gathering. That makes us your go-to resource for fish variety either with us or anywhere you host an event.

So, are you ready to visit us and find out why we generate all those glowing reviews?

Then we can’t wait to help you get battered at GB Fish & Chips soon. We’ve been perfecting our fine English dishes and customer service since our humble beginnings in 2007. Come see how far we’ve come and feel free to contact us anytime with menu or catering questions.

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