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How Fish & Chips Became Popular

Where does Fish & Chips originate and why did it ever become popular? In just a few centuries, it’s become a most recognized seafood meal, especially in the English-speaking world (England, Australia, Scotland, the U.S., and more). Here’s a brief look at the development of the tasty fried meal we serve here in Denver. Fish … Read more

Fish and Chips Meal

Do you need your fix of fish and chips made from fresh sources and battered to crispy perfection? Of course, we’ve met no sane person who wouldn’t. Plus, it’s nice when you can find authentic seafood and other outstanding English foods any day of the week. That’s our entire mission at GB Fish & Chips, … Read more

GB Fish & Chips stands tall in soccer splendor Patrons love the atmosphere at GB Fish & Chips. Enjoying the England-Italy match in the Euro 2012 quarterfinals are, from left, Anthony Martin, Richard Thompson, Cooper Watkins and Simon Watkins. (Photo by Chris Casey) EDITOR’S NOTE: With Euro 2012 reaching its crescendo and MLS nearing midseason, … Read more

The best fish and chips this side of London.  While studying abroad in Scotland, I picked up an appreciation of good whisky (no “e”), cozy pubs, hot tea, and the local chippy. A chippy, for the uninitiated, is a fish and chips joint—a small, neighborhood spot that specializes in fried food for lunch, dinner, post-bar, … Read more

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